Here’s Chris Brown’s new song “Turn Up The Music Remix” featuring Rihanna. It will be interesting to see how people are going to react to these two collaborating together once again. A lot of Rihanna’s fans seem to be upset about it. They also have another song together “Birthday Cake Remix” as well. Rumors are circulating around that videos for both these songs are in the works to come soon.

My question is should people just stop judging and hating on Chris Brown about what happened in the past with Rihanna since she forgave him? Or should they still be mad and bash him?

Personally I love this song as well as the other. As for letting them be, all I have to say is if she can forgive him then we should respect that and let them be!


This is truly a really hard and gruesome topic to talk about. But it needs to be addressed! Everyday a child somewhere in the world might be going through this. It’s called a abuse. When I day abuse I mean sexual abuse at a very young age. Whether its by a stranger, someone they know or a family member. It’s sad to say but in most cases it’s by someone they know or a family member.

The reason I’m bringing this gruesome topic up is because I know someone who it happened to! It’s so hard to type and come to terms with but I was. And it wasn’t by a stranger. It was by a family member. It all started as far back as I remember, maybe 4 or 5 years old. It started by a little game of come play with me, and of course as a young child you always want someone to play with especially if they are older and you look up to that person. He would say to me, let me play with your hair and play dress up with you like you do with your Barbies. I was so naive and young I isn’t pay no mind to it. But then the touching started. It started from touching my chest, to trying to touch and play with me down below. As I got older and started to understand, I became angry with the person and told someone. That’s when it stopped. This went on until I was about 12 years old.

Sometimes I still get nightmares about what happened. To this today I can’t look the person in the eyes anymore because I know as well as he of what he did to me. But whats worse is that I found out that I’m not the only family member he has done this to. This has affected me in life in so many ways. It makes me think is this why I have so many trust issues, why I was sexually assaulted when I was 18, why I let myself end up in an abusive relationship? But lastly it makes me think that on top of the abusive relationship and being sexually assaulted, is this the real reason that I don’t know how to or if I am truly satisfying my boyfriend when we have sex? All these thoughts come to my mind every day.

Because of being abused at such a young age it has affected me mentally, I don’t know how to be a female at times, I sometimes forget what’s right an what’s wrong. I’m always on the defensive side with everyone. And I don’t like to open up to anyone. I keep to myself and close up. I want my boyfriend to understand everything I’ve been through but sometimes I don’t think he gets it. This is why I write.

It is never ok to touch a child in an inappropriate way. Being of victim of this I get so scared of having children. I don’t want my son or daughter to ever go through what I went through. But the one mistake I made was waiting so long to speak up. If you are a parent please talk to your child every day. Don’t let your child fall victim to what I fell to or what thousands of innocent children fell to. It’s not something they will ever get over or ever be able to cope with. Child abuse needs to stop! So as a victim of abuse I am finally becoming a voice and speaking up!!!