Are we are that naive, stupid, desperate, or quick to settle? I mean in every relationship we have signs rather they are good or bad. It’s all about how we respond to them. The past few days I been talking with a few girlfriends, co-workers and looking in the mirror! Apparently we are all falling in one of the above categories. It’s ok to see a sign and no that it is there if it is something you can live with down the road. I’m talking about Red Flags!!! These are things that you know you hate but you just ignore them to keep the relationship going…well hun sorry to tell you but the shit is going to blow up in your face! *steps back from the mirror* LOL…I’m going to list a few but know that Red Flags will be on a case by case basis because each one of us is different and have different standards and expectations and well some don’t have none at all!


1. Constantly comparing you to his/her Ex
2. They don’t acknowledge things that are important to you.
3. Putting you in a compromising situation on the regular
4. Never taking you around their family
5. Keep their phone on silent or off the entire time you all are together
6. Refer to other women as bitches or hoes and other disrespectful names that’s not on their birth certificate
7. Only call you when they are horny
8. Lie about small things
9. Never take you to their home
10. Want you to check in all day
11. Come to your house unannounced
12. Checks your phone
13. Gets upset when you hang out with your friends
14. Sniff your panties (ok just kidding but hey if they do…um run from their sick ass) LOL
15. Never take you in public places
16. Lackcommunication skills
17. Can’t keep a job ( I can’t say don’t have one because today economy may play a role in that)
18. Have children with multiple women/men and lots of drama
19. Never admits when they are wrong
20. Can’t please you sexually!!!

Feel free to add more and lets discuss the ones listed here. Are these things that would be a problem for you in a long-term relationship and why or why not? For instance for me don’t compare me to your Ex unless you want to be mine (get it)! I mean if she is your Ex then that mean she wasn’t what you wanted so if I remind you of her then how am I suppose to feel.

Another one is communication: If every time we disagree on something you shut down and we can’t get pass the moment unless we just bypass it with silence then that’s a problem. Communication is the key to a successful relationship! Communication and Great Sex!! Yup that’s what I said…


Damn, I read all of your blogs and then I look back at mine! Um, I need to organize my page. I mean I just type here at random and it’s hit and miss topics. Some shit y’all probably be like WTF is she talking about and then others you might remember why you follow my blog! Ughh! And I just talk about too many subjects, or do I? I’m thinking maybe I need to add more pics! I want a pretty blog like everyone else…This week I need to dedicate some time to get this blog organized. I need structure of some sort…Maybe I can do a subject a week? Wait, I think I’ve tried this…I talk about sex, relationships, my ex, my boyfriend and geesh so much other bull.

Blogging seems like it should be freestyle but I’m finding that the really good blogs are not…they are well-organized and people put a lot of time and thought into their post! I just type, barely proofread and post…

What’s your thoughts?